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If you're playing a Guardian, you should be getting the Guard ability soon. In a PvP enviroment, it's basically a medal farming machine. It doesn't matter what spec you are, put the guard on a healer that's willing to keep you alive, and taunt every chance you get. (Both single target and AE.) Your protection medals will be falling in.

I personally played a Vengeance Juggerant, and the best thing about that tree for PvP was the Unstoppable ability which gave me 4 seconds of crowd control immunity after every force leap. (For a Guardian I think it's the Unrementing in the Vigilance tree.) Came in very handy, especially during Huttball. And while I couldn't touch a gunslinger/sniper's damage, I was still able to do a good enough amount of damage to farm both damage and protection medals.

But, the most popular spec for either advanced calss is the Focus/Rage tree for the high damaging Force Sweep/Smash area damage. If you're looking for something that's just the easiest to play in PvP, go with a Focus Sentinel.
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