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I haven't tried it yet, but maybe one of these matches I'll just spam, spam, spam and see what I can top out at. Then I'll take a pic of the scoreboard along with my woody and post it everywhere showing everybody how good I am.
Go for it. As I said a few pages back, here's the numbers to beat if you think you're good:

1.65 million is the best so far. 1.52 to make it into the top 5. Of course, that's just going for damage and not 'real' pvp, but hey - if any commando/merc can approach those numbers any way, any how, I'd love to know.

Let us know if you break 1 million with a happy screenshot. 1-1.2 million is what I've seen from players personally whilst they're still actually playing to win.

Of course the 'best' games are lower damage. A quick win means low damage, but you can compare DPS too if that helps.
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