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Just read back even just a few pages man. 800k is small potatoes to top PTs, Juggs, Maras and even some Sins. If I play in the middle of the day (like now) when the competition is poor, I'll steamroll puggers and take the top damage easily. When the rated DPS players get on (and if I see them / group with them) my damage is mediocre.
IDK man. No matter what time I play at, I'm almost always at or near the top in damage, dps, and killing blows when that is all Im worried about. The only time Im not is when I actually play objectives like guarding nodes or carrying orbs. Now I can't kill hardly anybody 1v1 which is where the survivability issue comes in. And really, when I put up big damage numbers, or somebody else does, I become worried because that means nobodies dying. Alot of times I find myself strategically trying to take out a target like a healer and everybody else is just spamming abilities on any old random target trying to keep there damage numbers rolling. I do this too, every now and then when I get frustrated, and can put up big numbers. Big numbers that dont mean anything cuz we lost. I haven't tried it yet, but maybe one of these matches I'll just spam, spam, spam and see what I can top out at. Then I'll take a pic of the scoreboard along with my woody and post it everywhere showing everybody how good I am.