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Why wouldn't Wookie's be at the top of list of playable characters? They have such a small appearance it's sad. They mention Kasheek, yet that's no where to be found, how about adding some more star wars to the game? It couldn't hurt considering the thing that keeps this game alive is that it has star wars in the name.

And here is a big plus for you Bio-Ware, Wookie's don't speak basic so you don't have to devout tons of cash on voice acting.

Now please, just let the Wookie win.
Main problem with Wookiiee as a playable race is that every race they have come out with is capable of playing all classes, and all can wear the same armor.

Wookiiee Jedi is such an out of canon type of thing that it is almost eliminated outright, thus making problem #1

Problem #2 is armor design, they aren't human, and their size requires that they wear totally different armor than other races. They would not only have to make the race, plot out the scripting, but they would have to design an entire new armor set from 1-50 for the race specifically.

Not gonna dispute that having them as opposed to other races would be a good thing, but it is alot more work than is assumed.