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edit: I forgot to add this, I'm the healer in this group, the "normal" way, i end fight with full force. on the "exploit" way, i end up with no force. there is more than enough damage going out to make this a "hard" strat, if you cant push, and do not have good heals, you will die. (PS. I've been involved in mmo development for 10+ years. can play any role fairly well except dps {bores me}, so calling me a bad healer isn't going to work)
What little credibility you may have had, is gone now after this statement. And let me quote from your guild here:

Bawoni - Corruptive Minds
Found an interesting strategy that my guild has done about twice a week upon release of 1.6 for Toth and Zorn Nightmare Mode. Basically we keep Toth in berserk phase for the entire fight. Must have top-notch dps but the fight is very clean if done correctly and considerably easier for each role.
So I read contradictory statements. You are saying it is hard, yet your guild is quoting saying this makes the fight considerably easier. Which is it?

Regardless, there is nothing "hard" about this fight no matter how you do it. What you are doing is cheesing a mechanic that is clearly NOT working as intended which equates to exploiting. In the Operations forums there was an entire thread discussing your "hard" strat, which was ultimately deleted because posting exploits on the forums is against the TOS.

Basically what you are doing here is broadcasting to the server that you cannot do a clearly scripted fight as intended and need to bypass mechanics in order for your DPS to properly execute the fight. What I read is that there are issues avoiding red reticles, having DPS not kill themeselves to Fearful, cleansing the DOT that goes out after the transitions, etc. Basically removing all the execution aspects of the fight which is all any of these fights are. You might as well be fighting the Operations Dummy on the fleet.

When the fight is fixed in 3-4 months from now (thanks Bioware), you'll have overgeared the content and not even need to go back and execute it the normal way. This is also the same reason I would assume you are still 3/4 Nightmare EC.

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