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  • I agree, I haven't done a good job closing the feedback loop on the forums and that is something I would like to try to correct.
  • Glad to hear you are enjoying Ancient Hypergate! New Warzone ideas are floating around the team being discussed, and we definitely look at other games for possible influence when we are coming up with ideas. We aren’t 100% decided on the next gametype yet, and there are definitely some WAR inspired versions in the mix.
  • I’ll see what I can do about getting a good “State of the PvP Game” update out, to let everyone know what we are thinking and what is coming up. I think people will be excited!
The above reinforces my worst fears! (reinforces != confirms)

The only concrete thing you say above is "ideas for new WZ". How about addressing the problem of "too many one sided matches, not enough close matches"? This is a problem for both rated WZ and regular WZ.

How about giving us the ability to do 8v8 challenge matches (perhaps these have no commendation or XP rewards)? The ability to self schedule matches (even if they give zero rewards) opens up so many possibilities e.g. player run tournaments.

How about the HUGE problem of disconnects in RWZ? E.g. allow reconnects to rejoin the WZ rather than having to soldier on 7v8?

Of course, it goes without saying that you should deliver on the promise of a Season 1 of RWZ.

I fear you will continue to ignore these important structural issues in favor of rolling out yet another WZ, level 55 skill trees et cetera.

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