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Where are you getting these percentages from? Don't just pull numbers out of your bunghole and treat them as if they were something reliable. I can out dps anybody on my merc. Ive put up 800k in VS and nobody else even broke 500k. You are right though about the low survivability and utility. The only time my damage suffers is when I get a guy or two from the oth!er team that focuses me every time, cuz we are pretty easy to kill. But, if they leave me a small window of time in a big group fight, many will suffer and many will die.
Just read back even just a few pages man. 800k is small potatoes to top PTs, Juggs, Maras and even some Sins. If I play in the middle of the day (like now) when the competition is poor, I'll steamroll puggers and take the top damage easily. When the rated DPS players get on (and if I see them / group with them) my damage is mediocre.
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