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The grand finals of the tournament is here!

Congrats Abdicate and Zenod for making it to the finals!

Please visit to see the brackets that led up to this point.

Note that Abdicate has a 1:0 advantage going into the finals, as winner of the upper bracket. Whoever wins round AC will be grand champion. Round AD will not be played.

Please report your results by posting here, latest by 11pm EST, on Monday March 4, 2013. Fraps/screenshots are encouraged but not required.

Good luck!

Hello fellow PvPers! Things have been heating up lately in the Shadowlands warzones / forums, with lots of friendly jestering, name calling, ego padding and what not. This is good! It means everyone's getting more competitive, which could only be advantageous for the server's PvP community as a whole.

So why not have a 1v1 dueling tournament for the ultimate battle to you skills and ePeen?


This tournament is NOT a 1-day tournament, but will rather happen over a period of approximately 2-3 weeks after the roster is closed. This will provide more time for everyone to juggle playing vs. real life.

The format of the tournament is double elimination. If you are unsure as to what this means, please check out this link.

The brackets will be posted on once signups start. The brackets will be randomly generated.


First place: 1 million credits
Second place: 500,000 credits
Third place: 250,000 credits
Fourth place: 150,000 credits

Bonus prize: The non-stealth character that progresses furthest in the tournament will receive an additional 500,000 credits.

Price amounts could be adjusted depending on number of signups.


Signup is open to both imperial and republic players.

Cost: 50,000 credits.

Please post a message here, and send the credits to Viperin to confirm registration. Please include your forum name, the name of your dueling character, the AC, and the faction in the in-game message and forum post. If all your characters are republic, you can create a level 1 imperial character to transfer the credits to send to me.

Only ONE character signup per person.

Registration closes Friday, February 8th, at 9pm EST


1. Location of the duel will be in the "pit" area in Outlaw's Den. Players are advised to start the duel on each side of the two towers.
2. NO companions are allowed.
3. NO medpacks, adrenals, grenades allowed. (subject to change based on feedback)
4. NO PvE adrenals or activating PvE relics allowed.
5. All skills are allowed, except skills that require a friendly target (e.g. guard, intercede). This is a 1v1 duel.
6. All class buffs are allowed. If you do not have all of them, get your opponent / bring a friend to buff you.
7. Each round should start with both duelists having all CDs.
8. Respecs are allowed at any point during the tournament / duel.
9. Duels are best of five (5).
10. Any duels that are interrupted by any spectator will be redone immediately. Any spectator that intentionally interrupts duels will have their characters disqualified from the tournament.
11. Once the brackets are released, and each time the brackets are updated based on results from the last series, each pair of players will have 2 to 3 days to finish their duels. I will post / update this thread to remind all participant of the deadline.
12. If a duel is not completed within the allocated time, the player that gave the most effort to try and find the opponent will be awarded the win. If neither player tries to complete the duel, both are disqualified from the tournament.

You are strongly advised to record the duel, or have a spectator record / upload it, to prevent disputes. You are at a minimum expected to submit screenshots of your victory / defeat. After each round, please post here the recording and/or screenshot(s).

Questions and comments

Please post any questions or comments in this thread. I can also be contacted via in-game mail at any of the characters below.

Hope everyone has a great time! Good luck, and may the best duelist win.
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