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i like the new armor. I just wish that all the armor, especially the sith/jedi robe sets, came with a hood for the head slot.
Now see... On my poor Light side Inquisitor... Who did not want to look emo... I had to suffer with having to put up with EMO hoods on everything even though I didnt want them. For someone like me. The lack of " hoods up " is just fine. To the other hood complainer guy on here that said much the same as you but also added the icon should match... Did he expeirement first and learn that you can preview the armor to find out for sure. I most certainly did before investing Cartel Coins. Which basically represent real money. Even if mine were gained by sub and preorder bonus. I am aware each is "cash". Kinda cash.

I am shocked and amazed though, none of the agent jakets with the shorter colars... the ones that dont look like garbage on a twilek with massive head tail clippage made it to the Cartel Shop. No I don't like the colar-less PINK/BIEGE one. Were talking a male, body size 3, dark blue, matcho if slightly lovably goofy scoundrel here. Plus Blue and Pink?! He's not in junior high school... he's a licenced Republic Privateer for cripes sake! ;p

Please put up some more AGENT gear. Thanks. Oh... also both the smuggler and agent goggles would be nice. Sometimes I find myself wanting one or the other on either side.... and being forced to just the one kind.

Also, Blessing to Bioware and the cartel market for my Sith Sorcerer to finally be able to run arround in something other then a skirt... and have a hood down robe with a shidge of armor on it for appearances. Very, very nice with the various pants avaible from the flying mission vendors and the balmoran hands and feet. Trust me... Try this look all.


PS: There is some gear that drops very early... a grey cris cross the chest vest sort of deal... very poor mans look, that looks pretty good on most charactersa and would really solve the "something simple with no embelishments" type of player. It's white/green gear. Actually there's more then one decent white and green look that there are no moddable versions of. Really quite a shame. The market or adding more synthweaving recipes could repair that neglect. Ta Ta