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Quote: Originally Posted by Icestar View Post
forget about mod ripping.
You can't forget about mod ripping. It's an essential aspect to gearing out your character. Especially if you play a tank. Which is one of the key issues that crops up in the ninja loot threads you've participated in.

You seem to think main stat is the all important aspect of a piece of gear. But it isn't.

I play an assassin tank. There's been tons of Willpower items drop in flashpoints I've done while levelling up. I passed on them. Why? Willpower is only a part of the equation for building my tank out. I need better enhancements than the ones offered by the commendations vendors. Which means I need to craft em, buy em on the GTN, or mod rip.

Luckily those days are far behind my Assassin tank, as he finally level capped. But wait, there's more fun! At level cap, the best thing to do for gear is to spend those comms on the boots and mod rip to replace the comms on the other slots!

So no, let's not forget about mod ripping. You keep offering up a "solution" to ninja looting that pigeonholes tanks into making gear rolls that are punitive for them. My assassin tank never needed those moddable robes with willpiower and crit on it. So I would pass, pass, pass, pass and pass. But your system wants to lock me into only being able to improve through that kind of gear and leave me out of the ability to even consider rolling for an item that has a +Defense mod in it because it's a heavy armor piece with Aim on it. Even though the only heavy armor wearing peeps in the group at the time might be a gunnery commando and a DPS Knight. (The next tank I level up is probably going to be a shadow tank, so this is the kind of group I may end up in. And for even more fun, the willpower gear should be passed on cause there's a high chance the other member of the group is a Sage healer that does value the willpower stat and crit for healing more than I do as a tank).

And then there's Dual Spec! Where those folks can claim that they need it for offspec.

So the robe wearing assassin tank ends up having to essentially roll on the willpower/crit stuff. Do nothing but maybe sell that.

So yeah, sorry, I'm just not keen on forgetting about mod ripping.
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