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File this away in the "It works for us" file..

On Kephess, during the warrior phase, have both tanks, one healer and all but one DPS hide under the bunker to the right of where the walker stands. If you get all the way in and in the corner closest to the walker, the purple AOE won't hit you. You can also be stacked up for AoE heals and for flyby/volley/hail/etc, o burn the trenchgutters down.

I mention the use of these AoEs because the healer and DPS that are out of the bunker stand in the main area, find the Warrior in the group of trenchgutters, and burn it. It's ideal if you have a DPS with a taunt, so they can find the warrior, taunt it, and have it run away from the rest of the group bringing its shield with it. This helps ensure that you won't get splash damage even by accident, as you can have one DPS and a healer burn the warrior down in about 5-8 seconds.

Since 75% of the raid is bunched up in this small corner, you have enough time to burn down the warrior, then find the next one in the next spawn group and pull it out, as all of the trenchgutters will immediately upon spawn find the healer that's in the bunker and head right toward it. Once they're in range, the tanks can AoE taunt, with the first group and third group from one tank and the second group from the other.

Since we started doing this, the only time we've wiped has been when the DPS on the outside failed to pick up the Warrior in time.