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I just want to say I do HM's daily and (besides Hm bt where absolute trash players are attracted to :P) I've never had a bad tank. You guys are always on the ball - you know the fights - you take charge - and you appreciate your healers and we appreciate you

I just want you guys to know that is healers do appreciate you guys being on top of it and we also notice it

As the tank healer relationship goes - you keep us alive and we'll return the favor
My main is a tank, and I can say that we definitely appreciate the love. :-) I've always considered my role to be more an extension of the healer than anything else. Together, we keep the group alive by managing damage and controlling the fight.

I wish I could say I've never had a bad tank on my healer alts. Actually, it's a lot more annoying on my DPS alts, since my healer can mostly fend for himself. A tank who derps his rotation, failing to generate enough threat and not taunting appropriately is a menace to the whole game. While it may be a bit of an ego boost to pull off the tank through a guard, it's not exactly the best thing for the group (or for me!).
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