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In a sniper new abilities braintstorming thread for RotHC abilities, somebody proposed for a sniper being able to grant any friendly a special cover buff to make them immune to leaps and interrupts, at the price of staying stationary

I am not saying that this is good or bad, i don't even want to comment the balance aspect, i am just saying.

Currently Gunnery performance can be entirely replicated by MM snipers. It has nothing over it, except for some crappy heals and tech cleanse (i do envy you having this one though, but i will never trade my cover for it).

Full Lightning is trying to do the same but is even more gimped with basically no instant attacks or at least requiring some horrible proccing. Even MM has more instant attacks than Lightning.

You could improve these specs to make them more sort of instant cast mobile half-ranged DPS classes 20-25m, but you would have to decide how do you want to balance all this in relationship to melee classes. Can you imagine the forum rage if Force Charge =30m, lightning strike 25m...
It would have to be balanced out, but that wouldn't be a new problem. The slows, roots, pulls/grapple and leaps give melee something to use and sage/sorc have force speed while mercs can cleans most roots and slows. The problem I see is that still leaves scoundrel/operative. I could see making a lethality/df another mobile-mid ranged class by giving them better methods to get TA/UH, but I know on my scrapper, if someone can kite me, the speed boost doesn't seem to be as fast as force speed and the leg shot is not enough sometimes. Then again; not like that isn't already a problem that needs addressing as well when you talk about that AC.