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No, you don't have any prior experience with me. Although I do find it amusing that you'd choose to trust the word of a random forum poster than the person themselves when making judgements on character.
Where did I say that I trusted the other person? I simply said, "Ahh, fair enough" and then went on to state the assumption I made, which was the assumption that what you are stating is actually happening on your server as a common occurrence. When it comes down to it, I only have your word and the other persons word, neither whom I have experience with. One retaliates against me when I concede that I do not have fair experience with the other, so with little to no experience with either person, only having the above to rely on, tell me after your retort... why should I believe you?

You can always state that you don't need me to believe you, which is fine, but you posted on the forums, so I assume you are trying to convince someone. You can state my opinion doesn't matter, which is largely true as very often none of our opinions matter, instead the truth matters. Which is where I now argue: Where is your proof? Where are your screenshots? Where are the facts? Now consider how difficult it may be to compare even that evidence against the norm on your server... what you effectively have is a point that you are arguing on the forums with little to no substantial evidence and when someone who you don't know, nor do they know you clearly states that it is a fair point that they do not know you nor should they judge you, you STILL think you need to come back with some sort of half thought out retort? Really?!! Tell me, what facts do you have? What real defense do you have other than the now useless "Don't judge me if you don't know me" excuse?

I wish you to understand that I agree with many of your points in your original post. I do feel there needs to be an enforceable RP ruleset, and I even stated so in my previous posts. So when you come back and retort at a person who has supported your original post, but then conceded when asked if that person knew anything about you, maybe think about what you are doing first.