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We did PuG ranked tonight, We planned on playing the other pug group that formed at the same time. Each group only had 1 healer lol... it was pretty funny.

We ended up not fighting the other PuG group, so we had 1 heler in our matches versus the other teams LOL!

We fought outer rim templars twice, i felt kind of bad for them.... but it was a good warm up for working around one healer.

We fought LD50 in a VS, we lost, we held at first door for a little but once they got through it was totally game over...

One of our guys left and we picked up Guts, we faced LD50 again, this time in a CW, we did that some crazy ****, very not "by the book".

I had a good time! we lost 0-90 Screen cap
You forgot to mention than both teams didn't use the bubble stun and it was a funny warzone