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02.01.2013 , 10:54 AM | #944
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game crashes to desktop every hour or so, dont matter if im pvping, doing dailies, or running flash points no rhyme or reason for it.... I have multiple toons on multiple servers, it doesnt matter if im switch servers or not, changes nothing... im running the latest version of direct X.... Im running Windows 7 professional 64 bit.... I have a 6 Core Processor, 8 gigs ram, geforce 260gt with a gig and a quarter of ram... all my computer internals are new as of dec 17 2012.... up until this week I have not had a problem with crashing to desktop at all since I replaced my computer. I have ran internet speed test, my numbers are a solid 17.9 downstream, 1.7 to 1.9 upstream. so i know it is not my connection, even when im not getting booted this week, it is so lagger out, it is almost impossible to pvp. and trying to do space missions is a joke. u cant even leave space combat when u get a red X for server lag all you can do is wait for the timer to expire. and as soon as im out of space combat, the server lag dissappears, and i get dull bars. i re-enter space combat, within 45 seconds im back in red x land.. same goes for pvp, and doing dailies. I have ran internet speed test while having a red x in game, and i am still getting outstanding up and down speeds.. then when i get kicked to the desktop, i try to reload the game, and it will act like it is gonna load, i even get all the way to character select, i log into selected character, and it either kicks me back to server select, or back to desktop with no error message, and a great connection speed... I live in Canada, I am not on COmcast, so you cant blame them. I am on Cogeco Cable. it is a fiber optic network...... super high speed broadband..... I run the game full tilt, everything turned up.. I tried turning everything down that made it worse, as my computer was built to play it to the max..... i cant even fathom how bad it is for those people running core2's, with less ram..... this stuff only started since the last patch, so that last patch must have something to do with it, maybe a 1 or a 0 got flip flopped, but something happened I have played this game for over a year with almost no issues, back then i was on a quad, with 4 gigs ram, i upgraded so i could play full tilt. and until 2 weeks ago it played amazingly now its horrid....... issues are on your end, as these forums are surely proving....
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