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I can already state that it isn't going to be like DA2, in the sense that you there will be no affection loss if you choose to ignore the flirt. So I honestly don't see what the issue is. Then again, I haven't seen the issue with this in the year or so since I started posting about this.
What prompted this ? some posts got deleted ?

Anyway, if you're referring to Anders giving rivalry points when he got shut down, yeah, I remember the outcry was amazing on BSN forums, but that was more about for the sake of raging than anything else, since you could avoid the romance without taking rivalry points.

And on TOR , most "disapprovals" during conversations are by -1, which are hardly set backs considering a 10 thousand points bar. Those "minus" are so little but they add a lot, at least to me. I love it when they pop up during my Trooper's usual rude remarks while questing with Elara