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02.01.2013 , 10:20 AM | #976
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and snipers are uninterruptable...AND snipers don't rely on TM stacks in order to reach full DPS potential...

AND snipers have jump immunity...

AND snipers have 4 CC abilities (instant).

having PS, TM, HSM being an instant cast, or even able to cast on the move will hardly make Merc OP.

personally, i think they shoud remove the movement restrictions on all abilities, EXCEPT snipers/GS in cover.
TBH as someone who has both a sniper and a merc at 50 and have been working on a sage, I have often thought that sniper is awesome at 30-35m as a turret class. Why do we need 2 other classes that are 30m limit and also a turret, yet none of the benefits that cover gives. What if we had sage or merc or both, have 20-25m in trade off to be more mobile if not entirely mobile. I mean, there are leaps and slows and roots and stuns aplenty to where I don't think that would be a problem, and that would give classes a little more meaning than just a different way of doing essentially the same thing.