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02.01.2013 , 10:07 AM | #107
i truly hope this can be an interactive and constructive topic.

meaning, it should not take another 2 weeks to form and wordsmith answers to these questions and topics.

like the guy who used the drug dealer analogy, pretty spot on.

if you want to START doing the right thing, and perhaps regain the confidence and loyalty of the community and playerbase, interaction and honest conversation will go a long way.

it's ok to admit you made mistakes. it's ok to say the game is not balanced. (it is not, and if you honestly DON'T know that, then please, DON'T respond). i can easily prove this in a couple hours of gameplay and a couple of minutes of parsing research.

i'm sure their is much the community doesn't know behind the scenes, or do they need to. but, the lack of communication and acknowledgment of flaws is going to be a significant factor in the success going forward, i believe.

it has been MONTHS of imbalance and poor PvP balance, as well as underpowered, insignificant classes.

listen to your community, participate in active, hot discussions. what have you got to lose, other than more subscribers/players?
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