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Actually that would be a good death. Some "Hollywood style" death at the end of overinflated final epic battle is just cheap, common and boring to me. I love how Emperor was killed in ROTJ. Unexpected, brutally realistic and original. Vader picked him up and threw him into the reactor shaft.

Yes it would. And that makes the throw even more stupid. It should have been a kill.
Its not that I wouldn't have minded it, but....wouldn't the Emperor ya know, see a blade being thrown right at him or sense it and avoid? Am pretty sure he isn't stupid or blind, unless he was focusing all his attention on Revan...though there is a slight difference between the two deaths. Vader just went up to Palpatine, and picked him up...wouldn't throwing a lightsaber take time to actually hit the person? Now this is where, I see the flaw being the Emperor would have a small window to dodge or w/e.
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