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Does the team consider damage from trash mobs as insignificant then? Are non-boss fights not considered a part of the game experience? If this is the case why isn't aoe damage significantly increased for all classes so we can get onto the important parts of the gaming experience the boss fights? Or do you think that trash should be removed as you don't consider them to be relevant to the fight?

If we look at the Kephiss encounter in EC during the fight there are a number of trash mobs that appear, surely being able to kill them quickly and thereby give the healers and tanks a break as well as avoid any mechanics that might cause damage is a good thing. And therefore should not be ignored in working out the various class contribution to the encounter.
It's not that trash mobs are insignificant.

It's that Merc does mediocre/average damage on every part of that fight except the Trandoshan adds. They appear on the leaderboards for the fight purely because of being able to AoE down the Trenchgutters. Without those packs of strongs in the encounter, Merc wouldn't even be on the list at all. The other classes that are perennial chart toppers have none-too-shabby AoE damage, and significantly better single target damage as well.

The point is that the TORParse leaderboards don't entirely reflect game balance, though you can draw some pretty obvious conclusions.

Edit: I'm more legitimately concerned about the process that let the current state of Rage/Focus and bubble stuns go live. Rage/Focus needed quality of life improvements, but it's been live long enough that it should've been identified as being overtuned long ago. Likewise, it would take the class teams only a few rounds of 50 PVP to see how poor of an idea bubble stuns were. Doesn't change that Sorc/Sage needs some balancing love in PVP, but their solution wasn't thought the whole way through.
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