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02.01.2013 , 09:41 AM | #9
If you have a Powertech in group don't let him anywhere near stormcaller. For one he should be taunting IA armor on FB. For 2 i have never lived no matter who the tank is on SC trying to DPS him as a PT. Doesn't matter if you guard and taunt stack the PT is going to pull, couple RS procs(or just one) is going to cause a change of aggro and that cleave on SC will wipe out everyone. As someone who tanks it normally tho that is really the only thing that has ever given me aggro issues, it's probably in my head, but it seems like it's easier for dps to pull on this one and harder for the tank to keep his threat up at least at the start of the fight.

Also a good statement i heard from a friend in another guild.(assuming your dpsers are upto par). "When we figured out being aware of the mechanics and staying alive was more important than the extra dps, life became much easier". EC and TFB are both mechanic heavy learning these honestly makes the fights every simple.