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Same with those exotech stims, I looked at the prices and got to the conclusion that it takes 16-20k to make one stim. And there are people who sell them for 13k. Heck, I saw someone selling them for 9k! The horror! Sure, those people don't buy the mats and gather them themselves - but that is still time invested and time is money; they could've used the time to gather them instead for running dailies or something. They probably didn't do the math or don't take into account that they are still "paying" with their time and just keep on undercutting. Bah, really makes no sense for me at all to sell them at the current market.
Don't forget that when you make the Exotech Stims, you get a stack of 3. So even with crafting costs at the high end of 20k, that's a profit of almost 100% if sold at 13k each, and just over 33% if sold at 9k each.