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I seem to recall you commenting at some point during the mean Ruth Means Compassion thread that Wynston wasn't very deep. Lies! Take that back immediately.
He was shallow! He was a shallow shallow man! This is what I get for thinking about things. Details happen.

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Just speaking as an Irish person, our reasons for emigration have been predominantly economic. Of these, the greatest in the 1800s was a famine caused by potato blight that hit the poorest worst of all because they had little to no other food; potatoes were the only crop that allowed them to make a living on the tiny amounts of land they could rent (largely renting from the rich non-Irish who controlled our country, to whom the export of other foods continued even as poor people starved due to the lost potato crop). Leaving that behind didn't mean people didn't love their country or their families (in fact, there's a huge tradition of songs lamenting leaving family, sweethearts, and the beauty of the landscape). It meant people had no other choice. I'm not sure how comparable it really is with what you just described from Wynston's life.
Eee, history lesson! Though I'm of Irish extraction I know very, very little of my own family's history.

I will say that Wynston's parents and at least some of his other siblings maintained closer ties to the old community than he did. I don't know how realistic it is that they had the option to stay and chose to go anyway. Wynston personally was (economic reasons/more economic opportunity driven by parental choices) + (screw you all I'm leaving and assimilating as hard as I can because I hate the old country and, as a running theme in my life, I am prone to the sudden and complete cutting of ties.) He's definitely glossing over the fact that he had a community of social equals.

The above account is all the thought I've ever put into his family; I've never really thought about his siblings and how they would have adapted. If I were really awful I would dub my Chiss BH his big sister...think, think think *taps head, Winnie the Pooh style*...
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