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We certainly look at ToRParse for data, but like all other data sets it is limited in what it shows and what context influences it. For example, if I were to sort the top DPS value on Kephiss in EC 8-man mode, I would immediately see that a Mercenary is listed at the top of the charts. However, if you dig into the charts, you can see that part of that number is based on a bunch of trash kills that have influenced the final result. When we detach the source (the player) from the log, it makes it much more difficult to look at context. All of that being said, we really want to do better about collecting raw logs directly from the player, with the hope that will really help us properly react to the feedback we receive.

Does the team consider damage from trash mobs as insignificant then? Are non-boss fights not considered a part of the game experience? If this is the case why isn't aoe damage significantly increased for all classes so we can get onto the important parts of the gaming experience the boss fights? Or do you think that trash should be removed as you don't consider them to be relevant to the fight?

If we look at the Kephiss encounter in EC during the fight there are a number of trash mobs that appear, surely being able to kill them quickly and thereby give the healers and tanks a break as well as avoid any mechanics that might cause damage is a good thing. And therefore should not be ignored in working out the various class contribution to the encounter.