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Please Bioware stop this CM stuff. It's not even worth buying this crap your giving us. All your doing is giving us old armor sets with a slight change in colour and asking us to pay for it. Please people stop buying on CM. Bw need to work on the bugs, not CM crap. The more we buy the more they will feed us with the crap that has been given to us. Let us work for it in game otherwise what's the point of gaming, I want to grind etc. not take out my credit card and buy crap.
Usually there are two different teams of devs for this kind of stuff, stop going all "omg pls stop with the CM and fix bugs", there is a dev/designer for CM, and other devs fixing bugs, stop wasting space on forum if you don't know what you're talking about.

Let's think for a bit, they introduced CM in the f2p so that they can actually pay their devs, if they STOP with CM, they cannot pay the devs, if the devs are not payed...guess who will fix your bugs...oh yes, NOBODY (the caps lock is not screaming, it's just keywords so that you could understand better).
And at the end of fear...OBLIVION!!