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Can't tell if srs.

You're missing the entire point of a story-based MMO mate, it's to have fun, not to say 'ZOMG U WIPED US U IDJIT -50 DKP'.

I hope you people end up leaving when you realise there are no 'world firsts' and that no one cares.
You're also missing an entirely different side to MMO's which is competition. If there is no competition then what is the reason to improve or get better? Developers have to appeal to both the hard core players and casuals and this can be a difficult task. Both sides will have requests but simply asking for a damage or healing meter is not that big of a deal. From your response I'm going to take the assumption that you are a casual player, and if I can give you any advice, I would suggest buying Mists of Pandaria.

P.S. /approve of damage / healing meters