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We are on 1st February so its time to see if we can do or cannot do this.

From now on I would need a Provisional Team List for the teams seriously interested, how much will sub to this till the 15th February will decide if we can DO it or not. Remember each player can play only for one Guild with his Legacy Server wide account for the Champion League. Guilds may have from 15 up to 30 Players alts included in this final number.

Example of Team List.

Guild: Vitruvians
Player Name, Legacy name in Caps, Alts in Brackets:
- Nutpen SEAWALKER (Lim'Suno) C

* C = Captain, GM = Guildmaster always list these, as in case of team disputes it is the people who will have to speak!

* updated with the following
If enough Guild Teams subscribe the Champions League will start on 1st March.
Official (Final) Team Lists will need to come till 25 February
A full calendar will be presented before the end of month.
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