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Debaucher:the vast majority of the pvp community that visits the forums feels dissapointed from the lack of replies from the PvP development team. Since you read the forums, would you be kind enouph to start replying to any constructive threads?

Also, any chance we get more Warhammer online Scenarios in SW:TOR? Ancient Hypergates is a success and personally, i 'd love a version of the Battle for Praag scenario revamped for the Star Wars universe. Perhaps in a Corellia setting, since its an urban enviroment and it matches the story of the planet?

Last but not least, the community needs a solid update on the future of ranked warzones/competitive play in general. Perhaps on the next "state of the game" article?

  • I agree, I haven't done a good job closing the feedback loop on the forums and that is something I would like to try to correct.
  • Glad to hear you are enjoying Ancient Hypergate! New Warzone ideas are floating around the team being discussed, and we definitely look at other games for possible influence when we are coming up with ideas. We aren’t 100% decided on the next gametype yet, and there are definitely some WAR inspired versions in the mix.
  • I’ll see what I can do about getting a good “State of the PvP Game” update out, to let everyone know what we are thinking and what is coming up. I think people will be excited!
Prove it, Rob. We all know EAWare's employees are masters of promises. We rarely see those promises delivered. Start engaging in this forum's discussions. By yourself or by proxy, we don't care. We just want something out of you besides "you will be excited", because right now you sound like a drug dealer promising us a new "thing" and all we expect is that you will "stick one up there " as you usually do.