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Look, all of you are thinking too much with all these numbers and analysis. If they play any type of MMO at all, they should understand one universal concept that applies both in PVP and PVE.


Ask them, if they were in PVP of any kind in WoW, what do they kill first (besides the healers)? You kill Cloth--> Leather -> Chain -> Plate, because even though the Plate wearer might be the least geared of the group, you kill off the Clothies first because most of the time they are the most annoying, high damage casters that will obliterate your team if left to their own device. Combined the fact that they have the lowest armor mitigation and HP in the group, it make sense to eliminate them as a source of damage early in the fight.

Same thing goes for the trash pulls here, except much easier. The weak and standard mobs are your Clothies with lowest armor and HP. Most DPS if they are not complete scrubs can kill them in 3 hits, maximum. Which means it is not even worth the tank to try grabbing their attention off DPS because 100% they will be dead before they have a chance to fight back at the DPS. Even if you do take damage from weak and standard mob as a DPS the damage received will be miniscule; your natural regen will probably heal you faster having a healer cast a heal on you.