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I feel for the OP if you are playing your game and having fun no one should be able to come over and mess it up for you. It is the same for PvE people not wanting to be ganked all the time you should not have to deal with others messing up your game. I like PvP and enjoy both open world and war zones but I do not feel that any player should be able to ruin the game for others pretty simple really. I have a hard time understanding those that have disagreed with the basic premise. You have a group of people playing the game the way they want to play it even selecting the server that best fits there needs and then you get a person who comes over just to cause people grief and ruing the game for others. How can you really defend the griefer in this situation? As for any possible post by the OP, how does this at all affect the premise that was raised?

Good luck OP hope something gets worked out for you. I did read they are working on chat bubbles again so at least you have something to look forward to.
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