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I have to disagree with you on the Force Cloak, in no way does it qualify as a defensive CD. You can count it as an advantage/exploit to get a medpack CD back or to circumvent the BR limit by doing an out of combat rez all you want, but it does not provide you with a buff to help you immediately relieve incoming pressure without compromising the raid itself. Listing Force Cloak as something good to use is exactly the line of thought that got Assassin tanks a bad name in my old guild and throughout my old server because some ******s thought it would be a good idea to actively use it (some serious and some because they thought it was funny)....

The rest though I agree with, the two CDs of the Assassin are Force Shroud and Deflection and the main short CD is Dark Ward, and expert use of the main two makes for incredible results compared to the other tank classes in the same situation.
You're missing Battle Readiness(and the Assassin equivalent. 10% HP is nothing to scoff at, or the added bonus to it as well. It's not as powerful at the other 2 but it's still quite nice.

Personally I love Force Speed more than the leaps as well, since I can "kite" a boss if a healer dies or something is happening that they can't focus on me.