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01.31.2013 , 10:04 PM | #943
I just had my game disconnect me for no reason and exit to the server list. This has happened SEVERAL times since I first started playing. but is becoming more frequent... I would estimate on average twice a week. sometimes more, sometimes less. The oddity here is that usually I have a strong connection to the internet. The one thing I HAVE noticed is that it always seems to do this when I seemingly input too many commands all at once, such as during a period of server lag and I am attempting to navigate through it or keep alive when in a mob fight...

It is fairly frustrating because half the time I am right in the middle of some important parts of my quests I am running, or I am fighting something that happens to be difficult and then I just up and disappear, having to restart the battle from square one. The most recent incident like this happened just the other day when fighting a world boss with an ops group... Just as we had him down to the kill shot... boom... kicked from the server... Did I get the credit for it? no... EXP? No... LOOT!? NO!...

If this could be addressed in an update that would be great, but I don't expect much considering that the last few patches have been somewhat meaningless and trivial, focusing on cartel market updates and class tweaking (although cool, slightly pointless when there are so many bugs to fix)

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