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Where are the good people of MDN supposed to go if the servers are not merged. I will propose all of them to move to a well supported APAC server so that they can have a bit of fun too rather than remain on an empty server. Now which APAC server has the best community?
This assumes, of course, that they open up paid transfers.

If they do, you have to decide what sort of 'community' you're looking for. If the goal is to PvP, you'd be best served going to another PvP server, naturally. Granted, it means a US or EU server, but the option is there.

If you intend to stay in the APAC region, you'll still have the same rough numbers regardless of which of the other two servers you pick...though Dalborra does have more people. The communities on both Dalborra and Gav Daragon selected their server types for many reasons, and one of these reasons (for people like me, for example) was that it most definitely wasn't a PvP server. And like it or not, those people won't be there to PvP outside of warzones. So if open-world PvP is your goal, you'll be disappointed regardless which one you migrate to.

And while I have seen few of the bad examples the OP cites (I do have toons on Gav Daragon), I don't doubt they exist. And I do not think the 'name complaint' is over eye-rollers like 'Strawberry Daiquiri' or 'Springboard Bunnyhop' (just random names I pulled out of...thin air), but over truly offensive names that make 'Sir Humpsalot' look tame by comparison, whether it has to do with the equipment of one's nether portions, or something to do with the practices of a certain Austrian corporal.