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My favorite way to explain Kephess HM (and Super Kephess HM) is "/cry".

On a more serious note, for T&Z:
- Biggest issue is Fearful. Get your DPS on Zorn to triple check they haven't got it before they start DPS again and make sure you call out HP% on both sides so you know when its coming.
- Red circles, just remind everyone to move AS SOON AS IT APPEARS. Yes there is a second or 2 you can delay but its better to lose a little DPS and not get hit until you are really comfortable with how long you have. Doesn't matter if you are mid Master Strike, Full Auto or Cull. MOVE.

SC & FB:
- We split DPS 1 on FB, 3 on SC and then swap to 4/0 after the last Defensive Systems. Its a more complicated strat so try out 2/2 first and if you have enough DPS use that, if not, swap it up to 1/3.
- Have someone on each side call out where the shields are spawning.
- Have your SC tank move in a controlled manner, staying in range of the healer. I've seen too many tanks run around like their pants are on fire dropping spires, its not needed and makes it harder on the healer.
- Put your best healer on SC along with your highest threat tank.
- We have the 2 DPS on SC move to eat the first DD and then the tank brings it around after that.
- When I'm tanking SC I taunt FB to eat Incin. (yay macros). When I'm not tanking we use a tank swap. If you have a taunting DPS, have them eat the Incin. It occurs after DD, FB will aim up into the sky and that's when you taunt.

- Have your 8s interrupter(s) hit every single interrupt on Overload and have the 12s ones rotate as backup. Cleave is easy to heal through unless the probe enrages.
- Keep a constant stream of probes coming and keep constantly solving. Unless the tank is defusing get the next probe as soon as you turn the square yellow, if the tank is defusing, wait 2 seconds and then come down but don't reveal the probe until their done.
- If the turrets enrage on HM its a 1 shot. You HAVE to get it down in time.
- Keep everyone up the cave end once you're on Vorgath and keep him faced towards the minefield.
- Have ranged DPS and one of the tanks burn down the 2 close turrets when they spawn, ignore the back ones. Since everyone is near the cave you can out range the back ones, just be careful with tank/melee positioning.
- Make sure the tanks keep Vorgath on them after each threat drop.
- Stay out of red circles.

- /cry seriously its easier.
- Rotate interrupts on the first 3 droids. We set up as 4 DPS on 1, and tank + healer on the other 2. DPS burn the first one while rotating interrupts and then split 1/3 and join the tank/heals. Tank/Heal interrupts go Tank -> Healer -> Tank -> Miss -> Repeat. Once the DPS get there they grab the misses and the Healer interrupts if possible. If you have Shadow tanks it goes Tank -> Healer -> Miss -> Repeat.
- Burn the Bombers ASAP. I hang out near the middle and pull the Bomber if its away from the group. Gotta make sure you pull before the Knights leap in or you're screwed.
- Trenchcutters Spawn WAY faster than SM. Either separate out the Warrior or burn him quick and AoE down the rest. Prepare to end up with 2 groups at a time and DO NOT drop Flyby/Orbital Strike until after the third Warrior is dead.
- On the Pulsar Droids have the longest effective range tank stay out at max range while everyone else stacks inside the hit box (Shadow > Vanguard > Guardian)
- Have whichever tank has the most CDs (Guardian > Shadow > Vanguard) pick up Kephess first.
- For the Gift of the Masters phase at 60%, have Gunslingers pop Entrench at 62% and Guardians can Guardian leap out. If you have a Sentinel use Transcendence and Sage healers can drop a Salvation before the pull. Helps give everyone a target to run at and gives some healing once they're there. Shadows should pop Resilience and Force Speed. At this point best tank to have on Kephess is Shadow > Guardian (if they can Guardian Leap to a Gunslinger) > Guardian who has popped a CD at ~62% to help keep HP up > Vanguard > Guardian who didn't do either of those.
- Make sure the tanks are taunting DURING the cast of Breath of the Masters.
- Tanks should run away for 3 circles then turn around and run back for the last 2. Once the 5th circle drops Kephess will cast the next Breath so this helps make sure you're in range for it.

Those are the biggest issues I've seen with EC HM. It's a pretty big step up from NiM KP and missing mechanics can just kill you. Plus the mechanics rely a lot more on the DPS than they have in the previous operations which can really shine through when you start.

Good Luck!!
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