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01.31.2013 , 07:50 PM | #14
Personally, I work forwards from 340 scavenging missions.

8 scavenging missions, send M1-4X out on them (takes a while, but he has the +5 crit), then make level 49 green belts, then RE them for the mats, then make the augment kits.

On a good day at the GTN I can get a 340 scavenging mission for ~20k. 8 of these will run my 160k. If I'm lazy and purchase Thermoplast Flux at the vendor its another 120k. Craft 140 belts, RE, craft 14 augment kits. If I were to sell these at 36k each, that would 504k, which is a 180% profit. If I get Flux from missions (instead of vendor) I can get over 200% profit.

It just takes a looooooong time, so I don't use it as a primary method of money making.

Edit: My armormech is my main, so whenever I'm doing raids I'll try to always have M1-4X out on a mission.