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Which is why I don't understand the Skadge hate for BH. Both Skadge and the Bounty HUnter are pretty much killers and not particularly loyal to either Empire or Republic. I still feel Skadge is the only character that jives with the BH I have. The other companions seem way too soft and not hard enough. The Bounty Hunters that Maul and Savage fought recently for example in Clone Wars all seemed cooler and badder than any of the BH companions except Skadge.
Well, that's more given to circumstances than anything else. You have a slicer with a heart of gold and a weakness for ugnaughts, a scoundrel that's been on the run, a 19-year-old mandalorian, a jawa with wanderlust, and Skadge.

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Pffft, my BH wanted to as well....but now she's head over heels for him. Stupid sexy Devaronian....

Erm...isn't he a good 30+ years older than the bounty hunter?