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I know all Seperatist and Republic Star Systems joined the newly constituted Galactic Empire. But, as we know from TCW cartoon, there's many neutral systems. Mandalore alone has 2,000 neutral systems under it's command that weren't involved in the Clone Wars, and had no political allegiance to Palpatine's Seperatists or Republic.

Would most of the neutral systems remain neutral? Would they have aided the Rebellion? Or, did they join Sidious' Empire through conquest?

It'd be interesting to see a movie/TV show between the original trilogy and prequel trilogy to show the politics as well as the transformation of the Empire. Don't forget, the Seperatists had their own Senate, but it was lead by Dooku who was commanded by Palpatine.

The neutrals had no agendas, and certainly weren't involved with Chancellor Palpatine at all, so did all of them see the benefits and join the Empire? Or, did they secede or just defy the Emperor's dominion over the galaxy?