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Quote: Originally Posted by Aragorrius View Post
I'm afraid to change something in the Google Docs code document...

but I miss somethings and I saw some things:

Advanced Skill Armoring 27 - Aplerr, Murks, Grappa, Hel'ga, Sazed, Elanis, Sazed, Yógi
My name is in there twice.

I can also craft:

Advanced Initiative Enhancement 27
Advanced Guardian Armoring 27
Advanced Nimble Mod 27

Mods & Armorings = Aragorius
Enhancements & Hilts = Sazed
Barrel's = Jennyfred

* Actually my name is mentioned Double in many places.
Yea, i noticed that as well, you poster that you craft stuff in the thread on many occasions, and then I guess thread creator had updated some things but not all. Anyway gonna fix the doubles tomorrow and sort out the correct names as well, makes it a bit more easier for the eye I guess.
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