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12.20.2011 , 06:40 PM | #17
The biggest problems ive found so far are ;

1) People who are new to MMO's are really struggling to understand that there is a technical difference between how they quest and how they do fp. Its a hard thing to explain to someone whilst the rest of the group are QQ'ing.

2) Bounty Hunters PT ST and Sith Inquisitors Assa Darkness dont have the gap closers available to them in the lowest levels. When you have 2 SW Force leaping in, they will get there 5seconds+ ahead of the tank. Its not fun to try and tank like that and it sure as hell isnt fun trying to heal like it.

3) Alot of people are just idiots.

Saying that , when i have found a good group , i've been having lots of fun tanking FP's, although i think the trash shouldnt be quite so forgiving.