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01.31.2013 , 06:41 PM | #169
Alright look EA/Bioware. CLEARLY you have many, MANY dissastified customers. And some people also suggest that the new Free-to-play is screwing up the whole system. Quite honestly, why cant we just keep it pay-to-play because you basically have to if your playing for free. Theres uterly no point in playing for free when you get NOTHING! I've read many threads about this issue, reading through ALL of them. I've sat on my *** for about 20 hours in total with your "customer service" hoping to fix this issue. *** ARE YOU DOING?!? DO YOU GUYS JUST SIT THEIR WITH YOUR THUMBS UP YOUR ***?! You guys have may people complaining about this so, and follow me on this one, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BESIDES TELLING US TO CALL YOUR CS. WE'VE ALLLLLL DONE THAT! This is the third account i've made and the third account ive had the issue on. Dont just sit their and tell us its our credit card/debit card thats not working "properly"

PLEASE for the love of Sith, actually look into this problem and i'm also 100% sure i know more than enough about this game to do a much better job at customer service than all your staff combined. I've been a loyal subscriber since the games release and i do not wish to revoke that considering how amazing this game is. The graphics are good now so stop focusing on that, focus on the bugs in the game and with your billing system. To all the forum admins, i sincerly apologize for all the crap about this issue you have to put up with and it will end when you fix this.