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I was a DK tank in WoW for a couple of years and oddly enough I'm an assassin tank here in SWTOR, and I find myself holding a great deal to habits picked up by tanking in WoW that are otherwise ignored by most tanks that I ran next to in raids or when I'm on my dps or healer in HM FPs.

In WoW, when dps pulls agro in a raid (even if it was trash) there was a problem somewhere and the only time that it was accepted to happen was on AoE pulls, while here it is more accepted and it's almost to be expected when I'm healing or dpsing for the tank(s) to not even bother trying to hold all of the active mobs.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but that drives me nuts. When I'm tanking it doesn't matter if it's a raid or a FP, I make damn sure that I hold threat on my half of the mobs (everything when I'm the only tank, better that the healers are healing me than the dps).

The non-guild groups that I get into with group finder/whatever are often stunned by my point of view on the subject, and even in my old guild the two old tanks (jugg/PT) admitted that they just grabbed "whatever" and picked stuff up as it came.

Am I really in the minority that tanks should protect the group from agro on more than just the boss?

Rant aside...

If you want the dps to understand why you set a kill order to be what it is, then just make them understand that in WoW you took out the most dangerous mob(s) first whenever possible, and that more often than not the Gold is not the most threatening mob in a pull, in fact it serves more as the tank of the group since it has the most health and typically the most annoying abilities. While the multiple silvers in the pull, which themselves are putting out high dps and are much easier to kill, thereby taking pressure off the tank and the healer by taking them out quick(ish).

As for mobs being spread out, in more than a few cases (not all obviously) you can use LoS to group entire pulls so that even a jugg can AoE tank the given pull. It just becomes a matter of how much time the group is willing to spend on a particular pull, in WoW the pulls take as long as they have to while in this game people tend to want to drive through them without any mind for a clean pull.
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