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Another nice example (with numbers!!).

Assume you have a group of 1 tank (500 DPS), 2 DPS (each at 1500 DPS) and a healer who only heals (about 1500 effective HPS).

Next assume a relatively normal pull of 2 elites (30k HP & 1.5k DPS), 2 Strongs (20k HP & 1k DPS) and 4 normals (5k HP & 500 DPS). This gives an initial incoming DPS of 7k from 8 mobs.

Now look at the 2 kill orders, attacking weak -> strong and attacking the tanks target while the tank holds the elites and strongs.

Weak -> Strong:
0s = 7k incoming DPS (DPS start on a nromal each)
4s = 6k incoming DPS (2 normals down, DPS grab the other 2)
8s = 5k incoming DPS (4 normals down, DPS join tank on a strong)
14s = 4k incoming DPS (DPS finish first strong and move onto second)
20s = 3k incoming DPS (Both strongs down, move onto an Elite)
29s = 1.5k incoming DPS (Elite goes down, everyone on last Elite)
38s = 0 incoming DPS (everything dead)
Total incoming damage: 146.5k

Attacking the tanks target:
0s = 7k incoming DPS (everyone on Elite)
9s = 5.5k incoming DPS (Elite down, everyone on second Eilte)
18s = 4k incoming DPS (Both Elites down, everyone on a Strong)
24s = 3k incoming DPS (Strong down, everyone on second Strong)
30s = 2k incoming DPS (Second strong down, onto Normals)
34s = 1k incoming DPS (2 normals down)
38s = 0 incoming DPS (everything dead)
Total incoming damage: 166.5k

Now that's 13.5% more damage taken if you attack the tanks target. Sure its only 13.5% more and your healer can probably handle it. However, this is also assuming the tank can hold everything and more importantly, nothing is attack the healer. Compound this with the fact that most tank AoEs only affect 5 targets, holding 8 is quite unlikely. It is also important to note that I assumed only single target DPS. AoE's would tweak this, since they tend to just mow down the normals.

It would not be unreasonable in the above to assume that a Pyro PT using DFA+ED could take out all the normals in 4.5 seconds and make a noticeable dent in the rest of the pull, makes it harder on the tank but it gets the job done. It's also important to remember that many attacks stun weak and normal mobs, which reduces the incoming DPS.

All that said, the more worrying figure is the 9 seconds of 7k incoming DPS if you focus on the tanks target vs 4s if you kill weak to strong. Now the tank has mitigation (I'm assuming 65% net mitigation given the relative gear level) so if everything is on the tank including all healing, then incoming DPS drop below incoming HPS at 14s killing Weak -> Strong and 18s killing tanks target. This also puts the tank down 7.7k using W->S and 12.4k down attacking the tanks target before healing offsets incoming damage and starts to bring the tank back up.

Thats all assuming both methods are executed perfectly and the tank can hold everything. That doesn't happen and killing weak -> strong also gets rid of potential points of failure in the system, in that tank doesn't have to hold onto dead things. Similarly, the tank gets to build extra aggro on the tougher targets while the DPS are killing the normals so the likelihood of a DPS pulling off the tank is lower. Given the DPS doesn't have 65% mitigation, if they do pull they will greatly increase the healing required.
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