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actually, I LOVE Xalek. He just has this Sithy feel to him, and I would switch to have him as my SW companion instead of Pierce. He's a good apprentice, he's loyal, and he's one dang good tank!

i dunno why everyone hates him. the moment he just punched the Twi'lek down in front of Harken made me instantly think, "Wow, this guy is a bad***". He's a great tank, and I often can't decide between him and Khem Val.

However, yet again I can't say I'm a Jaesa fan. I want a real Sith APPRENTICE! we have enough double-blade wielders without Jaesa, and now Nomen Karr's lost padawan ends up on my ship. She's a good DPS, and I respect her for that, but the split personallity thing just makes me feel awkward. On one hand you've got a crazy ***** who is desperate for a *******, but on the other hand is the goody two-shoes Jedi who wants to change the Empire. Something in the middle, please? A companion with a single-bladed lightsaber? Thank you.
I'm kind of regretting the LS!Jaesa myself. I would SO HAVE LOVED a middle ground grey character for her. You start telling her how you envision the Empire (my SW is very pro-empire, just...better and not so bloodthirsty) and your apprentice follows that, agrees with you. Not some goody two shoes zealot hell bent on reforming the Empire to the Republic (that's what it feels like anyway). That's not what my LS!SW wants, hon...she's still very much bigoted to other races, outside Vette, and believes them to have their set place,. They just should be treated better...give them incentives to stay where they are instead of rebelling. C:

But DS!Jaesa, as amusing as I find her, is just as annoying with her dark fanaticism and cat-in-heat ways. B/