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I'm completely in agreement, but I sincerely believe our first and main companions should be ones that match your class perfectly. Khem Val matches the SI very well, as does Mako for the BH. Even Vette matches the SW quite well considering the class is based on Darth Malgus who himself had a Twilek slave partner. You can also say the same things about Corso, JK droid and that trooper's Cathar whos name escapes me. Only Qyzen on the republic side I think is an odd first character for the JC.

I mean what really adds insult to it is that we're stuck with her for the best part of 30 levels, and the fact that all the main companion quests are going to be about her. Its so uncharacteristic of an Imperial Agent to go out of his way to fix up some psycho Ratataki mercenary's personal life. What also annoys me is that she's the only tank companion we have until Belsavis, meaning my healer will more or less have to put up with her for an even longer haul.
RE:Corso. I so do not agree. He REALLY should have been a Trooper companion, because, unless you're playing a straight up, pure LS!Smuggler, he so does not fit. At all. Building your power base, having people work for you? He *********** HATES THAT. A Smuggler has connections dude!! And a Smuggler isn't always gonna be squeaky clean and peachy keen on authority. Get your head out of your ***. And take your stupid named weapons with you.