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01.31.2013 , 04:05 PM | #81
Kaliyo. She just doesn't jive with my Agent. at all. She makes as much sense for an agent companion as Corso does for the smuggler.

Neither one of those characters jive with my AG and SM. Kaliyo is way too unpredictable and too much trouble for my straight laced Agent and Corso is way too honorable for my dirty, backstabbing, money making smuggler.

It ALSO doesn't help that I hate Corso's creepy possessiveness over my Fem!Smuggler. She is not a "lady." She is a player and damn proud of it too. she has no qualms about killing anyone, even women, for trying to kill her. And when she SAYS NO YOU TAKE NO FOR A *********** ANSWER. Also, his snide and rude comments when ever she flirts with anyone that isn't him would earn him a blaster to his face were she able to.