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This is stuff that were problems for us when we were learning the fights...

T&Z - Fearful is incredibly important for DPS to not get. The previous poster is incorrect about it being 25M from Zorn, it actually goes out 25m from where Toth lands, so if Toth lands at a point closer to the DPS than Zorn they may get it. So DPS needs to hang between 28-29m and next to the wall to give as much room for error as possible. It's also helpful to bring Zorn up the canyon a hair further than Toth to give extra wiggle room.
Have people designated to call jumps. We usually call at X2% when a jump is about to occur so DPS can double check position, etc and know to look for fearful. If they get it ahve a ranged DPS swap sides.
Also on the initial rush have any melee on Toth wait until after his first leap to avoid that AoE, and any ranged and the healer should loop around and speeder up and swing wide past where the zorn DPS is to avoid it. Toth's AOE leaps damage out to 25m, so any ranged on Toth can avoid that damage by staying outside of 25m and really help out the healers.

FB&SC - SC needs to have the 2 best DPS on it so it always hits the even percentages first, and you need to make sure you hit each of those even %s within 45 sec because if you get a second double destruction per phase the lightning gets funky and will probably land on your SC DPS.
Even though your best DPS will be on SC you want FB to die first. We split 2 and 2 on each full time then when SC gets below 20% we swap 1 DPS to FB so he dies first, then we finish SC. This is because the soft-enrage on FB is much more painful than SC's is and more likely to cause a wipe if SC dies first.
Make sure the SC tank that is circling during the shield phases does NOT hug SC to try to DPS him while circling, if he stays right next to him he will get around too fast and be out of position when that phase ends. On my shadow I hug the wall around the outside then give a wide berth on the back and then I"m usually 75% around when the phase is over and force speed gets me the last bit in a second.

Vorgoth - Assign 2 ranged to CC the slow walking droids when they get in range so they don't blow anyone up, then burn them down during the defusal phases.
Assign the DPS not on CC duty to interrupt Cleave, have the tank interrupt overload on the probes. Cleave getting through is not ideal but can be healed through if happens occasionally. Overload getting through means people are getting KBed, probably into an active mine, and dieing.
The turrets by Vorgoth that spawn part way through CANNOT be CCed in HM. Have everyone on the far side of Vorgoth and when they spawn burn down the front 2 before going back to Vorgoth, if everyone is on the far side the back 2 will be out of range and can be cleaned up once he's dead.

Kephess - yeah, I won't discuss him because he's his own special kind of hell and there are not enough dolls for me to point to all the spots he's touched me.

For us the mechanics weren't hard, ironically it's was low DPS causing us to wipe to enrages. But low DPS is normal while learning fights. IMO it's better to wipe to enrage than to wipe because you can't execute a mechanic right. DPS can be fixed, stupid can't. So tell them to concentrate on the mechanics first and as they get more comfortable with those the DPS will rise naturally as people figure out the timings on certain attacks, CDs, relic and adrenal usage, etc.
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