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There are some things you might consider before you start chewing on people.

1. If you're talking about a sage healer, both of their big heals will often overheal if cast on a target with more than 80% health. If that target already has the Rejuvenate HoT on them. If you've got the lockout debuff from Force Armor on, they're going to let you fluctuate between 65% and 95% health ~ In most cases.

2. There is a bug that sometimes causes the health bars in the party frame to not be updated accurately. Sometimes they do not show that players are damaged, and other times they show damage that has already been healed. The bug doesn't appear to effect everyone, and it doesn't show up too frequently. But it obviously can cause a party wipe as a healer might drop the tank, or run themselves OOF trying to heal damage that just won't go away.

3. Pushback messes up healing a lot. If your healers are getting torn to pieces by adds, they have no choice but to dps and heal themselves. If you're expecting the DPS players to take care of the adds, and they are not, you better expect to use your defensive CDs on rotation. If you find that the DPS are heading straight to the target your tanking in every fight, keep a close watch on your healer ~ or you won't get any healing.
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