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I wanted to post my thoughts here to not only contribute to this thread but also to reiterate some of the great ideas already mentioned here and throughout these forms. Hopefully BW will recognize what is wanted by the community and needed to make this game even better. Some may be a bit more than a tiny paper cut, but all of these ideas are aimed towards improving this great game.

My “papercuts”:

Legacy system needs much more utility:
The Legacy system is a great idea, it just needs some more love. It needs to feel more useful, especially when it comes to sharing between alts. Systems like the highly requested shared legacy datacrons, shared legacy codex, shared legacy bank, and more gear that is bind to legacy would be welcomed additions to the game and really improve quality of life. Of course these systems should be earned as rewards or unlocks, maybe even purchasable given legacy level requirements are met?

More features to improve game immersion:
This is area covers a HUGE range of topics ideas. Everything from more character customization options @ creation, to the highly requested and exceedingly desired "barber shop", a hood toggle option, appearance tab, and armor dye options would go SO FAR towards creating more immersion to the game. Taking it a step further, adding such features like a day/night cycle (imagine watching the two suns set on tatooine) would be amazing. Going even further, implementing a lightsaber/blaster creation system, a custom color crystal creation system, a legacy system where you can swap mirror class abilities based on your light and darkside alignments, and perhaps even being able to choose multiple saber stances/grips for your character (i.e. reverse grip like star killer) would absolutely send this game over the top both for me personally as well as many in the community. In short, you can never have too much personalization and customization with your characters!

Players need more ways to play the game @ end game rather than grind for gear:
Right now it’s pretty much running dailies for PvE or PvP rewards. The dailies in The Black Hole and Section X are done so often that they just get worn out. To add more variety, all heroic quests in the game could be scaled up to level 50 and yield daily rewards (perhaps cap how many can be done each day). Either way, more variety with the daily quests and easy access via shuttle transport would be much appreciated and help mitigate the endless grind that plagues endgame content.

Something else I hear from players a lot is that they want a way to alternatively earn some of the cool gear/rewards ONLY available on the cartel market. Even if it is a quest for a CHANCE at said items (make them repeatable daily). In short, subscription players should have an option to be able to earn the cool gear they have been asking for since launch that is currently only accessible thru GTN or Cartel Market.

Also, this game currently suffers from a lack ANY open world sandbox activities. I cannot stress enough the overwhelming desire for mini games like pazaak to be made available in SWTOR. Take that a step further, and elaborating on the point above imagine if a N64 Style Pod or Swoop Racing system were available on several different planets across the galaxy. One would sign up for a race, and pilot your own fully customizable pod racer to compete for daily rewards and prizes! I would LITERALLY remain subbed to this game even during my summer hiatus if this was even just confirmed to be being considered!