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Striges, you and bright_ephemera have this amazing ability to build worlds that are so real and deep and engrossing, it's Tolkien-esque. You both create characters you care about, love to hate, and worry incessantly for and always bring us back eagerly for more. I'm beyond jealous, and I love your worlds beyond words.

Tatile, I can never get enough of Rochester and Broan's life. Even the outlying characters are fascinating.

Eversteam, I'm a Vector fangirl. I couldn't wait to take a blanket and some rations and go star gazing with him. So sad to watch your Agent battle with her feelings for him, because he would treat her so well, and give her the support she'd need in that rollercoaster story.

I'm absolutely in love with all the universes created in this thread. Honestly its more fun than actually playing the game.

So, I'm leaving this little offering in case anyone was wondering what was up with Ipha. Here is Night of the Living Prompt: Allies (yeah I know, I'm going way back.)



And, some of you were asking about my blog staring Kel'ani. It's called A Sun in the Heavens and I'm updating it every day or two on Tumblr. bright has found me already, (! was so excited to see that!) but I'll leave the link here too for anyone that wants to check it out. I keep the chapters short so there will be a lot of them.

Be to her Virtues
very Kind.
Be to her Faults
a little Blind.